Dutch Apple Pie Crisp

Gluten Free – Dutch Apple Pie Crisp. This recipe has a layer of crisp on the bottom too!

Caramel Pecan Silk Cream Pie

Several layers in this pie, caramel pecan, chocolate, vanilla, and a whipped cream cheese topping – Caramel Pecan Silk Cream Pie

Mincemeat Mini Pies

Mincemeat Mini Pies or I call them Mincemeat Tarts. No matter what you call them they are goood.

Spinach Quiche

Quiche is good! Also it is a pretty inexpensive dish to make and you can throw in several different ingredients to suit your own taste.

Pumpkin Pie-Cake

I was in the mood for Pumpkin Pie.  I didn’t have all the required ingredients, but I had a pumpkin spice muffin mix in the cupboard.

Spinach & Green Onion Quiche

This quiche is definitely not low calorie. I had the cream in the pantry, I have been wanting to try this cream in a quiche for awhile. I’m happy I tried it, it was delicious!

Sausage & Tomato Quiche

Good stuff,  Another Quiche… I usually make a quiche with ingredients I already have in the refrigerator.

Lemon Cream Cheese Dessert

Easy-peasy… Lemon Cream Cheese dessert. 4 pack Vanilla pudding cups 4 pack Lemon pudding cups 1- 8 ounce block Cream Cheese, softened 3 or 4 packages Nekot Lemon Cream cookies (enough to line the bottom of pan) I used 2 ceramic loaf pans, I wanted to share one pan. With mixer beat the cream cheese…