California Blend Rice Casserole

I changed up my broccoli rice casserole, I thought it would be great with california blend vegetables, instead of just broccoli.

Chicken Taco Rice Casserole

A friend of mine found the original recipe on the back of rice package.  Since then, many years ago, I have passed it on to many people.  It seems like everyone who has tasted this recipe, loves it. The reason I say “original recipe” is because it has gone through a few changes.  Originally it…

Kielbasa & Sauerkraut

This dish is an old favorite and really simple.  The only thing I think that has changed, since years ago, are the kielbasa varieties.  Now you can choose to purchase kielbasa made with turkey and uncured, without all the preservatives included in the formulas. Kielbasa & Sauerkraut 1 package Kielbasa (approx. 14-16 ounces) 2 cans…

Taco Casserole

I wanted to make something for Cinco de Mayo, but didn’t want to go to the grocery store.  I found a few recipes online to get some ideas, so I made this up and used the ingredients I already had in my pantry. My menagerie of ingredients made this a pretty tasty dish.  I buy…

Baked Rigatoni

Everyone usually has a favorite dish they love to prepare for company, pot luck or family gatherings, this is mine.