Individual Baked Eggs

Individual Baked Eggs in Ramekins

These baked eggs don’t really need a lot of planning, as long as you have eggs, the rest is easy.

Basically you use the ingredients you have already in your pantry and refrigerator.

I used leftover spinach and mushrooms, bacon pieces, swiss cheese, a little cream, salt and fresh cracked pepper to taste.

The point is choose ingredients from leftovers, cheese, veggies, or any kind of cooked meat you might already have.

Chopped onions, green peppers, or any variety of peppers. Tomatoes chopped, maybe leftover sausage, bacon, or potatoes chopped, chives, chopped green onions etc…

This is a fun activity for kids (and adults) to make their own. Set up an ingredients bar and everyone chooses what the want in their baked eggs.

You will need to:

  • Use oven safe type bowls or dishes, like about one cup size ramekins. You need one dish for each person, you want to serve.
  • Coat inside the dishes with butter or cooking spray.
  • Place your choice of ingredients in dishes.
  • Add grated or shredded cheese.
  • Crack an egg on top, try not to break yolk, unless you want to.
  • You can add a tablespoon or two of cream or half and half around the edge, they really taste delicious with the cream.
  • Add a little more grated cheese on top.
  • Salt and fresh ground pepper to taste.
  • In a pan or baking dish, add about an inch and a half of water to bottom of pan.
  • Then set your egg dishes in pan.

Bake in Preheated oven at 350° for about 20 minutes.

The egg yolks should be still liquid, so you can dunk your bread in cups. Or cook the eggs to your liking.

Serve with toasted bread slices, I just used whole grain bread toasted and buttered. It’s really good if you have some almost stale bakery bread, buttered and toasted in the oven and sliced for dunking in eggs.

I first discovered a version of this on one of Jacques Pepin Cooking Shows . My favorite Master Chef, who I have been watching through out the years on many PBS channels.