Corny Hoe Cakes

A pick up, eat with your hand type food.  Corn muffins or corn bread are great but these hoe cakes don’t crumble… I like these with a little butter on them and a bowl of chili.

Corny Hoe Cakes

1 box about 15 ounces cornbread mix or (2 of the Jiffy corn bread boxes)

1 egg

1/4 oil

1 can cream style corn (14-16 ounces)

Mix all ingredients together blend really well

Heat a non stick skillet on medium-low add a couple tablespoons of oil in pan if needed

Pour batter in to pan, just like making pancakes, flip over to cook other side

Adjust heat, lower if they cook to fast so the hoe cakes don’t burn, and to make sure the middles will be cooked through

Makes about 16 small to medium hoe cakes from this recipe.