California Medley Pasta Salad

Labor Day, most people think it is the end of summer.  I guess it all depends on where you live.  Pasta salad is an easy dish to make and take to a picnic, get together, or eat at home.   This version is what I made, with the ingredients I had on hand.  You can add other ingredients like black olives, diced ham, onions, green peppers etc…


California Medley Pasta Salad

12 ounce box tri-color pasta

12 ounce microwaveable bag california medley vegetables

1 bottle italian dressing (12-16 ounce)

3 ounces sliced pepperoni (I used turkey pepperoni, 60% less fat!)

8 ounces cheese, cubed (your choice mozarella, cheddar, swiss or mix cheeses)

salt & pepper to taste

Cook pasta to package directions and cool

Cook california blend vegetables to directions on bag and cool

In a large mixing bowl combine all ingredients and toss, refrigerate and serve cold.