Foodie Kids 1

One of the funniest things in life to do is watching people, my favorite people watching activity is watching children eat.  I first noticed and started taking photos of children eating about ten years ago.  It was at a Mother’s Day Brunch, as I looked around I noticed the kids eating and really enjoying the fruit they were devouring.

Capturing the expressions on their faces while eating is truly delightful, it will be put a smile on your face no matter what your mood.  It’s like the old saying “stop and smell the roses”, I say “stop and watch the children eat”!

I have decided to make this an ongoing “series” of sorts.  Another words I am going to post more Foodie Kids as I go through my photos.  Stay tuned for more Foodie Kids!

A camera was almost always with me when I left the house, I was able to capture a variety of photo subjects throughout the years.  In this post I have children eating…

Foodie Kids Series, click to view:

Foodie Kids 2

Foodie Kids 3

Foodie Kids 4